CHRISTIAN DATING - can some one help this lady?

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CHRISTIAN DATING - can some one help this lady?

Post by Admin on Mon Jan 07, 2008 7:42 am

We receave this,and of course we put it here,maybe some one will help?

This may seem very strange, i cud also spank myself for it, but i think i owe it to my very gud frend - she is very interested in getting married to a white skinned fellow (Born again, filled with the Holyghost, etc.) being female, its not in her place to go hunting, so its just remained a prayer. not as if am trying to play God, but i wont mind assisting a friend. If u are joined with someone already, could u please recommend someone else.

My friend is Godly, and is very busy with work in church

She has a good sense of humour and is quite intelligent, she's a journalist, witty sometimes.
Sensitive, but can get over moods.

Cooks well, is a neat person.

She is very dark skinned (Nigeria, Africa), 5foot 5inches tall, and quite slim.
In my own opinion, shes a good friend, and i think would make a good partner too. What i think she would need in a man is Understanding, and of course Godliness (most importantly) as for looks, its relative, cant say much there.
SO if u wud pls assist me in this, id be glad, and if theres anything else u wud wana know, feel free to spell it out.

Thank you!

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