Sometimes i wish i were u,just so i could be friends with me

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Sometimes i wish i were u,just so i could be friends with me

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 15, 2008 9:49 am

We found this on internett, I like it so much we use it here... and its written of a christian girl!

don't hate me
i'm an african.
yes, u guessed it - the
UGANDAN QUEEN livin in england!
If u hate me, i love u too. it ain't my fault that i'm better than u.

I'm the queeN. i prefer being callled 'priceSS*' - howeva no much seNSE it mEX.
Yes i'm black and original*
i'm the fiRST and the laST in series
no added silcone.
I'm all natural.
wat u see is not wat u get coz i'm nt that cheAP.
I'm cool, i'm hot.... i'm everything that u're not
I'm like a parking ticket, i have 'FINE' written allover me
Sometimes i wish i were u, just so i could be friends with me
Don't play stupid with me...i'm better at it!
I don't want your opinion about me, or if i do, i'll beat it out of u

Those are my principles. If u don't like them...i have others.

( yes,how about you.. be with other like you want them to be with you)

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